Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Punkin Time...October 13, 2010

Went to Fiala Farms the countryside west of West Linn. Had a gift certificate I won in a raffle at an earlier Festival. We took all 3 grandkids & roamed around the semi muddy corn patch/punkin fields for about half an hour before they picked out which ones they wanted. They had to be able to carry their own so I figured they'd get some small ones. WRONG! They came up with some that were pretty good sized. I'll let Robin blog pics of them after they get carved & decorated. Gracie got a small one & wanted to wash it herself. Gramma helped.

We stopped at that Scottish restaurant for lunch on the way home. You know...Scottish! (McDonald's) Gracie looks like she's telling her older brothers to "Keep yer Punkin Pickin Paws off my French Fries!" She's sure a cutie! We couldn't have better grandkids. They were really good today...and the boys went right to work fast...picking out punkins for their whole family. Great day! Thank you sunshine angels! ;-))
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